Draft Beer

 Even though bottled & canned beer ranks right up there with the wheel, as one of the greatest innovations in the history of man kind, we feel beer is best served on draft. 

We are constantly searching the world for great beers so we can offer you a selection that represents a diverse cross section of the best craft brewing has to offer (yeah it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it). We regularly change our menu to reflect the many seasonal and limited releases.

In addition, we regularly invite brewers to come to the Cantina for Pint Nights.  Generally (but not always) you will be able to keep the pint glass and a brewer or representative will be here to answer your questions.  Sometimes (just a hint:  tell them their beer is great), if they deem you worthy, they might even buy you a pint.  Check the Events Page for up coming pint nights.

Today's Draft Beer Menu

O’Connor Dismal Swamp Black IPA
If you want to know out why Kevin, Chris and the rest of the crew at Norfolk’s only brewery are taking the local beer scene by storm, then try their Black IPA!  A unique brew that combines the roasted chocolate and coffee flavors of a dry stout with the hoppiness of an IPA.  Truly a visionary beer!  8.5% alcohol by volume.  Please enjoy responsibly.
7.00 pint / 26.95 pitcher / 25¢ taste

O'Connor Red Nun
Locally brewed right here in Ghent!  A Red Ale with sweet bready malts and a touch of bitterness at the end.  Great with spicey food or for knocking back a few.  5.00 pint/18.95 pitcher/25¢ taste
Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale
 Every fall, Sierra Nevada releases a very special pale ale .  Harvest Ale is a true hand crafted and unique beer made with fresh hops, not processed (kiln-dried & pressed into bales).  The fresh hops add an amazing citrus grapefruit flavor to the brew.  If you like pale ales, you’ll absolutely love this one.  6.00 pint / 22.95 pitcher / 25¢ taste
Allagash Private Reserve Belgian Tripel Ale
Without a doubt, one of the best Tripels in the world.  A phenomenal blend of traditional Tripel coriander, banana, spice and sweet malts with pear, passion fruit and apricot flavors.  If you like Belgian ales, you’ll love this one.  You’ll never realize it is 9% alcohol.  Please enjoy it responsibly.  3.75 ½ pint/7.00 pint/26.95 pitcher/25¢ taste
Stone 10/10/10 Vertical Epic
Every year, Stone Brewing Co. (the best brewer in the US) releases a once in a lifetime, unique brew.  We are proud to be selected as the ONLY bar in Southeastern VA to have this on tap!  This year’s edition is a “Belgian Strong Pale Ale” with flavors of soft pilsner malt, sweet grape, apple, banana and honey up front followed by a slightly bitter and spicy pepper on the finish.  9.5% alcohol by volume.
4.25 ½ pint / 8.00 pint / 29.95 pitcher / 25¢ taste

Hoegaarden White Ale

White Ales or Witbiers are brewed with wheat giving them a very light body and are generally lighter than hefewiezens.  Hoegaarden’s (arguably the best white ale made) apricot and pear fruit flavors are perfectly complemented by subtle coriander and pepper spices.  If you enjoy Blue Moon, you’ll love this one.  6.00 pint/22.95 pitcher/25¢ taste


Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale
In 1996 Greg Koch & Steve Wagner from San Diego decided to make beer the way they like it, with lots of flavor and hoppy bitterness.  After 14 years of making big, hoppy beers, Stone Brewing Co. is widely regarded as the best brewery in America. Their flagship beer is this Strong American Ale with a citrus hoppy bitterness balanced by a malty, caramel sweetness.  6.00 pint/22.95 pitcher/25¢ taste

  Stone India Pale Ale (IPA )
India Pale Ales were originally brewed in the early 1800's to survive the trip from England to India without going bad.  They did this by heavily hopping the beer to take advantage of the acids in the hops which act as a natural preservative.  The hops in this IPA provide floral and citrus flavors that is complemented by an enticing malty sweetness.  5.00 pint/18.95 pitcher/25¢ taste
Legend's Hefeweizen
This Hefeweizen is so good you won't believe it is from Richmond!  A classic Hefeweizen with the traditional light banana and clove flavors with just a touch of citrus.  5.00 pint/18.95 pitcher/25¢ taste
Legend's Lager
A crisp and refreshing lager with a nice malty taste and a hint of hops5.00 pint/18.95 pitcher/25¢ taste
Magic Hat #9 Apricot "Not Quite" Pale Ale
Not your typical fruit beer!  A very fresh and tasty fusion of apricot and pears with a mild pale ale.  5.00 pint/18.95 pitcher/25¢ taste
Cottonwood Pumpkin Ale
 A blend of pumpkin,  nutmeg, cinnamon and graham crackers.  If you like pumpkin pie, you’ll love this one!  5.00 pint / 18.95 pitcher / 25¢ taste
Murphy's Irish Stout
A classic Irish (dry stout) Stout with roasted chocolate malts and dark fruit flavors.  6.00 pint/22.95 pitcher/25¢ taste
Newcastle Brown Ale
A light bodied brew with toasted caramel and coffee flavors with no hoppy bitterness.  5.00 pint/18.95 pitcher/25¢ taste

 Dos Equis Amber Lager
 In the late 19th Century, immigrant brewers from Austria settled in Mexico and started brewing Vienna Lagers in Mexico.  A perfect brew for most food selections with a light malty taste and a slight touch of hoppy bitterness.  4.00 pint/14.95 pitcher/25¢ taste
Miller Lite
What can we say that you don't already know?  3.25 pint/11.95 pitcher

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